14 december 2009

bye studying; hi party ^^

Tomorrow my last exam, she said as she let out a deep sigh. I'm so relieved! Not that I'm that person who has nothing but stress in that period, au contraire, but it's just such antisocial period!
No hanging out, no parties, just sitting at home studying. Well, I hope I did wel and all I can do while I'm waiting for the numbers, is chilling. Tomorrow, Tuesday, I have my last exam (geography) than Wednesday I'm going to make little cakes with Ilse for the cake-buffet at our school (that will be interesting), Thursday I'm going to the opening of a new club, Opium. It used to call Nanno, but that changed locations and now this drug is taking over the party boat. Free entrance, hot music & free champagne, what more can you ask for? So that will be a lot of fun and as for the rest of the week, Friday I don't have any plans yet, so any suggestions? Haha. ^^
Saturday I'm going to Petrol with the girls from school for Stephanie's birthday and before that we're going out for dinner. It's always so cosy, we talk about a lot of stuff and we're always laughing so much. Last time we ended up in this café, that later on we heard was a kind of shady place, called Boops (we could have guessed by the name) . We didn't notice anything, luckily, we just sat there and drank our (fruit)beer.
So that is my planning to celebrate the end of hard mental labour, let me know what your plans are! And don't forget; holidays are coming, holidays are coming, holidays are coming. Coca-cola ;d
I always have such a hard time finding suitable presents.. And we don't pick lots or something, no, we buy something for every member of the family. So daddy, mommy, grandma and my sister are expecting an amazing gift. My dad is easy, once year he accidently steps into my dogs, uhm you know, 'pond' and then he won't wear his houseslippers anymore, so I buy him new ones every year. My mom is a little more difficult, but I found something suitable this year. My grandma's, sister's and best friend's gift is yet a mystery. I'll find something!
And have you thought of how you will spend New Year's Eve? I did! I start thinking of it begin November because it just has to be an amazing party. This year I'll spend it, as last year, with my schoolfriends, dinner and party, but which party is still unknown.

New Year's intentions are for next time, haven't thought of that yet.

Lots of love,
Tascha ♥

11 oktober 2009

omg, i lost my password ö

Hi everybody!
It's been ages since I last wrote to you, but I lost my password! I tried to log in, but every word I could think of was wrong. And then, the support of Google accounts bailed on me, leaving me blogless - hihi, I love to make up new words. Ok, it's my one stupid fault I lost it, but when I tried to reset it, it wouldn't work. No e-mail to change my password in my inbox, no blog for me to write or for you to read. But now, Google decided to be kind to me, and here it is, my next blog.
Friday 2 october, I went to MS Hoeve, to a party called 'Bernie is burning'. Everyone from school was there and it was unforgettable. People hooked up with people they shouldn't have, people came just to fight (what a hobby!) and ofcourse, people were drunk. Ain't no party like an alcoholic party ;D
Wednesday, I had to clear out my room. My best friend Moriah, came to help me out. First of all, you should know that I can't seem to throw things away. A quality I inherited from my grandfather and is a annoyance to most people who occasionally come into my room. So I had to throw lots of clutter away from my mother, but the problem is that it isn't clutter to me. To me
it's something that reminds me of a fun day I had with a friend, something that I could use later one, something that is cute, ... While Moriah was making fun of the stupid things I still have like the Flugel-flags I took from Boozers in Lloret, a festival bracelet from years ago or little notes people gave to me on schooltrips, I was analysing every little thing -should I keep it or not?
My tendency toward storing everything was very clear today as well. Last night, I went over at Moriah's to sleep over and today I helped her clean out her room. On the contrary of Moriah's help wednesday, which means lying on my bed checking out Netlog and Facebook and being a dj (we love iTunes), I was very alert and I took a quarter of all the things she wanted to throw away to my room. I now have a full cloathing closet, my drawers are full and my make-up basket is updated. She just throws away everything and I keep everything.
Now I have some work to do for school and I can't do it at lunch, because I have a meeting about Chrysostomos - I am the dance coördinator.
I'll write more often from now on :)

Lots of love,
Tascha ♥

21 september 2009

my weekend.

Friday, I went to fabulicious with Laura, Glenn & Celine. A lot of things happened there. First there was this amazing dancebattle in the middle of the crowd. After Celine left, when we were heading for the exit, we saw a group fighting, and then there was this waisted girl that kept clinging on to her boyfriend. The cops interfered and they almost blamed the boy! While we were looking for Laura's mum, a girl fell on the tramrails. Before she could get up, she got a phonecall and she picked up without any worries.. Luckily, someone saw that there was a tram on his way, so they helped the girl up and stayed with here. After that we continued our search for Laura's mother. We finally found here and I got home save. I was so glad that I didn't have to wait for the bus at de Rooseveltplaats!
Saturday, I went to school to paint our classroom. I arrived late because I slept to long. Typical. After painting 2 walls and our names on the other walls, Stijn and I went to the bakery. When we finished our meal, we all got an appel, homegrown by Mister Raes. When Melissa asked what those tiny dots where, Raes answered; well, that's a kind of fungus..We appreciated his honesty and we where just a little bit worried of eating the apple.
Sunday my niece came to see my grandmother, and we took 'a walk' which means that whe took a walk to smoke a sigaret. It's amazing how her parents don't seem to discover our lie. I sincerely hope they don't read my blog.. Today I didn't go to school, because I couldn't sleep all night. I had stomach aches all night long! My mum was pretty angry, I guess she didn't believe me.. I can't blame her really, it can seem a little suspicious that I get sick right before I have to get back to school. But hey, i'm not a liar. Most of the time..

Lots of Love
Tascha ♥

16 september 2009

back to reality.

Here we are again. Back to studying, back to planning every minute of our week. And if there's one thing I hate, it's planning everything. On the other side, I get to see my friends from school again, 5 days a week. We discuss which teacher sucks the most, which party we'd like to go to and we ask ourselves how it could be that that little boy is in the third grade. I'm serious, they get smaller and smaller every year. I also get to see my group from dance school again. We dance together, we laugh together and we cry together. This year I wont be able to do the show because of the overload of schoolwork, but I'm definitely going to see it. I hope I can keep my tears to myself.
My friends mean the world to me, there the most precious thing I've got. I also have a sister who I couldn't miss. She's off to France right now, leaving me alone in our tiny room, letting me take the bus to school and most importantly, leaving me without anyone to discuss the day with in bed (we have bunk beds). But now, I get to borrow her clothes without asking. But shhht..
Although I hate the routine of a schoolyear, I have a feeling that this schoolyear will be one of the best I had. We have Chrysostomos, the schooldance, a trip to Italy for 2 weeks and a lot of other things. I will be representing my class in the students council together with Stijn. I believe that if I make an effort for extra school activities that this year will be more variable and fun.

But now, I have an assignment to make for Dutch. Ow no, 'So you think you can dance' is on in about 5 minutes.. I guess that the report is for tomorrow morning.. (you should know that I always try to postpone things as long as possible, even if that means that I have to get up at 5 in the morning tomorrow)

Lots of Love,
Tascha ♥