20 januari 2010

i'm such a mess.


It's wednesday evening, no homework and nothing on tv. Actually I should be cleaning up my room 'cause it's such a mess! Not in the sense of not-everything-is-in-his-right-place, but in the sense of this-looks-like-world-war-three. My office chair is full of clothes, my desk is stacked with books, more clothes and lots of crap. My mum says I can't go out if my room isn't cleaned up, what would be a disaster. I'll do it, but it's just so damn boring! So to postphone it a little bit, I'm writing this blog and watching Paris Hilton; my new BFF, it just started. Thanks for the distraction Paris!
This show is hilarious, all of those girls want to be a, famous or b, Paris. How dumb are you if you're trying to find a person who knows you like no one else, who you can trust and who just makes you laugh through a television show? You should know that only people who want attention would sign in for such a show. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those Paris-haters, I respect her, but some things she does make me go 'okay girl, you already have a lot of attention, do something usefull with it'.
But I guess my messy room is waiting, so I'll get to it and I wish you something more interesting thing to do on a wednesday evening.

Lots of love,
Tascha ♥

13 januari 2010

2010 is here, and it's not without stress.

So, 2010 has started. Did you change anything? I'm not really that girl that sets goals for herself at the start of a new year and then actually makes them happen. I'm more the type to take things day by day. I don't want to be perfect, I just have a few simple values in life that make me the person that I am. See the good in everyone without being naive, spend your time to things you want to do or lead you somewhere you wonna be and most of all, rely on your selve, be independant, make your own happiness happen. You can't go wrong there, right? (If you think I'm having disillusions; reactions are welcome) Despite all that,I have two new years resolutions; I'm gonna smoke less and I'm going to lose weight. Wish me luck!
It's January 13th, which means that next week, it's Chrysostomos. Who knew celebrating your last 100 days of school could be so stressfull.. I have to make sure that everyone learns their choreography on time, that Jr. knows when he has to put on which light, that I get my own choreography figured out and that everyone stays happy.
In general it's a fun thing to do and I would do it again without any doubt, but it's really stressfull sometimes. And when all of that is done -friday of next week- I have to get started with our yearbook. I came up with the idea to start with it and I got the responsibility, together with my Chrysostomos-colleague Ellis. It's the first year we have one, so we have to figure everything out. That won't go without obstacles.. But the most important thing is that I'm enjoying myself and that with my schoolwork, things are picking up.
So to keep things that way, I'm going to finish my assignment for Italy, Ghirlandaio and Gozzoli are waiting! Don't you just love the early Renaissance? -I almost believe it myself-

Lots of love,
Tascha ♥