3 juni 2010


Last night, me and the girls went to see sex and the city 2. It was a school night, so it's was great to break the routine. This angel had to lie to her mother, she tought I was with Junior, who was explaining something for my exams. Although me and Junior didn't really work on chemistry, there was some in the movie. We sat down, we had a look around and we realised there were like 5 guys. And I guess they weren't guy-guys if you know what I mean. After seriously considering starting a party in front of the screen, the movie started. I heard an enthousiastic scream coming from Naomi, the room became quiet and we were in for 2,5 hours of decadency, fashion and ofcourse sextalk. I did a test online and it told me I was most like Samantha; I couldn't be more proud during the movie :). She's hilarious, provocing the primness of the Arabic culture and fighting the consequences of her age. In one scene, she's screaming at the religious men 'I HAVE SEX' while waving her condoms, it's so funny!
The appearance of four Maybachs pleased my carloving eyes as well and ofcourse the sometimes over the top, but pretty clothes were amazing!

I loved the night out with the girls and it was a great way to start my exams in a few days. You won't be hearing from me for a while, unless I'm to stressed out..

Lots of love,Tascha ♥

1 juni 2010


Omg, today I was uploading pictures of our schooltrip to Italy on facebook and a sudden wave of nostalgia hit me. God, I miss it! The worst part is, it was our last schooltrip, from now on only studying and following classes..
Not that I'm not excited about university, but I'll miss that class spirit. It'll be a huge adjustment but it's going to be fun! And hard ofcourse, but I'll make it. I'm glad I already know one person who's going to join me at Plantijn, otherwise it would be so scary. I'm a social person, but a day full of people you don't know is a little awkward.

I'm going to dream about my future, I wish you all the best in yours!
Lots of love,Tascha ♥