12 augustus 2010

I've got to step it up.

What a day !
I went from being totally stressed out at the office to laughing my ass off in the city. At the office, I couldn't remember anything of all the things I learned, my mind just stopped. And when I had nothing to do, that someone who used to entertain me still didn't text me, so I got bored. When it was five o' clock, we went home, had dinner at my grandma's and I rushed home. I was going to the movies with Laura, Naomi and Stephanie to see Step Up 3D. Lore and Sanita watched the movie later on that evening 'cause they couldn't make it on time. It was 3D so we we're all making fun of our glasses. They looked a little bit like Ray Bans and the manufacturer thought it was necessary to mention on the wrapping that you couldn't use them as sunglasses. I mean, go figure how stupid some people are if it's even required to say that..
When the movie started Naomi screeched because she never saw a movie in 3D before. Actually, she screeches all the time :). And from there on, we were in for 1.5 hour of astonishment.
Reasons why you must see Step Up 3D.
The Choreography; All the dance scenes make you stare at the screen with an open mouth even more than the 2 movies before.
Rick Malambri; is just to hot in a costume.
Cute kids; I'm not one of those 'oow look a child, chubichubi' types but the kids in the end are just to amazing in there little bboy outfits. Keep an eye on the little boy with the orange cap and the sunglasses.
And I can go on and on like that but hey; just watch it!

After the film whe went to Pool Planet and had an amazing time. We giggled all constantly and although everyone was looking at us we just couldn't stop! One guy at a playing-machine-thingy watched us all the time in this creepy way and I was all freaked out.

Now I'm at home, ready to go to bed. Tomorrow at 5 o' clock the weekend is finally there! So enjoy yours, I know I will enjoy mine excessively!

Lots of love,Tascha ♥

2 opmerkingen:

  1. haha loveeeed it <3

    x Naomi ( the screecher :') )

  2. "someone" was keihard aant werke, en zat 2 dagen te wachten op een smske van madam Fast life :p Foor!