14 september 2010


Things have changed. Actually, I changed; I fell in love. Not the being nervous because that boy is interested in me and I would love some affection. No, i'm experiencing the whole butterflies-in-the-stomach-and-damn-he-really-is-perfect-for-me-thing. Normally I wouldn't even post this online because I would be to afraid to get hurt and humiliated, but I trust him and I believe there's a reason why we're together.
I know this part didn't sound like me, but I haven't changed that much. Now, I believe that a relationship can stay fun after seeing eachother every day, but I'm still not that cheesy girl who needs to hear that her boyfriend loves her all the time. And I still am the person I was. Never did, never will change myself for a boy. Love me or hate me, as Lady Sovereign would say.

The great part brings me to the sucky part; I'm starting school again next monday. No more time to be with him every day, less time to hang out with my friends. Although I'm excited about my studies, it's back to reality. And saying that last part made me realise that in two days, we're having an anniversary. As I recall, my first message on this blog was called 'back to reality'. Happy birthday to fast life.! It's been so amazing to ventilate boredom, anger, sadness, melancholy, all kinds of emotions to this blog and not caring who reads it. I certainly realise that I have only one loyal reader and he's my boyfriend, but I don't really care.
It feels good to type the shit out of me.

So i'll keep writing this blog a little bit longer and -hopefully- more frequently.

PS; My opinion at love isn't the only thing that has changed; I cut my hair and I'm still not used to it ;D. It's darker and I have a pony now, so nervous for everyone's reaction!

Type to you soon!

Lots of love,Tascha ♥

They tell me girl it's not like you to fall this way
I try my best to wear a disguise
But it's written on my face
Crazy little thing called love - Rihanna

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