14 november 2010

amazing weekends.

My last two weekends were amazing! The fifth of november, Friday, I went to the city with my three best friends. We had a drink in De Muze and after Emma and Margaux left, me and Moriah got into a photo booth and took some pictures. It's hilarious to crawl into that tiny box with the curtain, make the most crazy faces and get your photo instantly. The results are always so funny! After that, I went home to get some sleep and around six in the morning my boyfriend joined me, after going out with his friends.
I love being able to do my own thing and cuddling my boyfriend afterwards. It's not because you are in a relationship that you have to do everything together, right? Older people don't always quite get that, it's weird. It's not like we're married, and even if we were, you've got the right to do your own thing.
Saturday, we went to a party of the soccer team of a friend and later on, we continued the party in Local. At least, that was our intention. Once we got there, I took one sip of a mojito and my blood pressure just collapsed. We took a cab home - waaaay to early - at 4 am.
Monday and Tuesday, school happened. Wednesday was the birthday party of a friend from school. Me and Astrid took crazy pictures, giving our best looks with all the attitude in the world. Just for fun ofcourse, I'm a shy girl.. I spent the night at Astrids and we slept long and sound. We also took some pictures with Astrids webcam and a funny application on facebook, called lolcam

Thursday evening I had a dispute with my best friend and it kept running through my mind all night, even while I was having fun at Local with my boyfriend and some friends. The day after that we all met at the appartment of Kenny, my best friends boyfriend. It was a fun evening, we all watched Kick-ass, a humorous film about a nerd that wants to become a superhero. I worked things out with Moriah and I spent the night there because we had an early meeting the next morning.
Emma and Margaux waited for us in "'t Suut Bekske" at 11 am. It was delicious and we laughed so much. Emma even had tears rolling down her cheeks at one moment! Later on, we watched 'Bring it On' and at night, me and Moriah built a party at Local with our boyfriends and friends. Sunday was a lazy day, as it's supposed to be.

Now I have to get back to whole school weeks involving a lot of work and getting up early. But maybe it isn't such a bad thing to get back to a normal rhythm, I'm having stomach-aches. Chi-ching for the doctor, bad for my school work.

Type to you soon!

Lots of love,Tascha ♥

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  1. babylicious, i cannot wait to get together again, i want to eat jummy food with my girls

    kusje Botje