29 november 2010

Lanvin, what were you thinking? Or using?

Tuesday started as an ordinary school day, but then Astrid suggested to grab a cup of coffee in 'Cafénation', a wonderful coffee bar with all kinds of crazy sorts of chocolate milk. I took a cappuccino, a graceful classic, and Astrid took a cup of hot milk with sixteen Maltesers, an outgoing newcomer. It took us a while to get a seat in the bar but once we let our bottoms rest on a cushion, we were delighted.
After that, we went to Men at work to get some black pumps for me to work in. I already had one pair, i'm a girl duh, but they weren't suitable for the job. So I got me a pair of I-don't-ever-wan't-to-take-these-of-pumps and walked out with the biggest smile. Astrid had to wait for her bus so we decided to take a look in H&M. We wanted to check out the collection of the great and famous Lanvin. I'll tell you what followed; one of the biggest shocks of my life. Right next to finding out Santa isn't real. Oops, maybe this is a delicate topic this time of a year. I'm sorry five year old, you had to find out sooner or later.. But back to Lanvin, we just walked through the racks of clothing and we couldn't do anything but laugh. It was absurd! Coral red tutu's, dresses with numberous flower prints, we just stared at each other and through telepathy we said 'OMG'. We laughed all the way to Roosevelt place and took a bus home. And on the bus we kept laughing, it's something we can't not do.

So you see, ordinary days can end in hilarious moments. So open up to opportunities and live your day to the fullest!

Lots of love,Tascha ♥

“The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us.” - Ashley Montagu, anthropologist & humanist.

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