3 december 2012

Three weeks left.


It's been three weeks and this trimester is coming to an end. I don't know how to feel, happy or full of panic. On the one hand, I only have three weeks of stress left. But on the other hand, I only have three weeks to finish my assignments! I plan to dive into this last weeks and just go for it.

I will be so happy when the 21st of December arrives. No, I don't look forward to 'the last day of the earth as we know it'. I don't believe in that gibberish. I'm sorry if I'm being rude to any of you believers, but it's not because the Maya didn't count further than the 21st of December that we're doomed. It just means that those people lived a very long time ago and that they were tired of counting ahead for thousands of years. So as I was saying, I will be happy when that day comes.

Because that Friday, I have my last presentation. Then, freedom is mine! And Antwerp will know.. Sounds a little like a tagline for a B-movie, but I actually do have a complete scenario for the night:

- 19h00: Diner with my high school friends
- 21h00: Christmas fair
- 22h00: Cocktails @ Appelmans
- 00h00: Glamrush @ Roxy

I wasn’t kidding now, was I? I’m especially looking forward to the jenever stands at the Christmas fair. Every year around Christmas, Antwerp turns into this cosy city, with cheesy Christmas songs, ‘gl├╝hwein’ and jenever. I become a little child, wandering between the stands and sniffing up that great smell of holiday happiness.

After that, I’m going to leave for more mature events: cocktails and a good club.
And getting back home? As I said to my good friend Julie: The ambulance will take care of that. Just kidding, my best friend Moriah is there for me. She always was, but now she has a drivers license. And oh so conveniently, she never drinks, so no worries about drinking and driving!

Now I’m going to tackle the vocabulary for my English test and I will be looking forward to the 21st for three more weeks. I wish you all a big chunk of courage for those final weeks!

Lots of love, Tascha ♥

13 november 2012

Letting go of great ideas

Today, I made some time to design my bookshelf. Google provided me with some images of extraordinary examples, I printed them out and put them up against my wall. Et voila, a miniature mood board!

I do not want a bookshelf with symmetric compartments, but I want it to be more like a puzzle. So while I was putting it all together, I lost track of time. All of a sudden, Boyfriend showed up and I hadn't even showered yet. I dragged him into my room and started babbling about my bookshelf and all the other closets. After he slowed me down and I turned my Chinese into understandable sentences, we continued discussing all of my options.

Conclusion of the day: I have to give up a lot of great ideas, simply because of a lack of space. It's painful to realize that some ideas are not realistic and that they are not suitable for your room. So now I still have a lot of work to do, but the final draft is coming closer.

The next step is drawing a plan of my room and drawing each piece of furniture that Boyfriend has to build, into detail. Then I have to make up a list of the materials and look up some prices. I look forward to the third step: shopping. Picking paint, a floor and a headboard will be the fun part. But even the drills, the screws and the sanding paper call for a shopping trip where I discover the entire hardware store. Because life's simply more fun when you show an interest in as many things as possible!

As you can see, designing a room sounds fun but is actually a lot of work. But it is the type of work that I don't mind doing!

Type to you soon,

Lots of love, Tascha ♥

12 november 2012

Designing my bedroom.

After 20 years of sharing a room with my sister, I have my own room. My sister moved out and somehow, more clutter moved in. I filled her closet space with my things, which made me wonder how I ever lived with less space. Aside from that, everything stayed the same. My clothes are in the same closet, the desk never changed and worst of all, I still sleep in the bunkbeds. Now that's all about to change!

The last few months, me and Boyfriend have been obsessively planning the renovation of my bedroom. Since my parents told us we could change it in a few months, we discussed flooring, a new ceiling and the design of my furniture. Although I'm no topdesigner, I'm designing my own bed and closets. Boyfriend is going to build them for me and I'm going to have an amazing room.

In March, I'm spending two weeks in Turkey for a school project - I'll tell you more later, so excited! While I'm gone, Boyfriend will be building the room. So when I come back, their will be an entire new room waiting for me! This is so perfect for me, because I don't have to sleep in a room with a lungkilling paint smell, I don't have to stress and I don't have to move my lazy ass. One point of attention; I have to draw each piece of furniture into detail to make sure that Boyfriend knows what to build. Difficult to find time, but I'm supposed to do something for my new room.

I'm full of great ideas, but I have to make sure that everything fits together and most of all, that it fits into my 4-by-3-meter bedroom. I could show you a 'before' picture but I'm to ashamed. Plus, all the clutter doesn't fit the frame. So I'll keep you posted  about some of my ideas and I'll show you the before when it's been replaced by an 'after'.

Type to you soon!

Lots of love, Tascha ♥

20 mei 2012

So relaxed


Last week, I handed in all of my tasks and all the stress is gone! Now I have to study for my exams, but I prefer studying on my own tempo over working on 10 tasks at the same time.

Today, me and my dad prepaired the garden for summer. I love this time of the year, when all the neighbours are getting ready for the sun. The lovely sound and smell of people mowing their lawns and the sight of that old lady around the corner, sweeping the last leafs, I just love it!

We also ate in the garden for the first time this year. It's an effort, carrying all the plates and pots downstairs, but it's worth it. My dad made sangria - I mean he bought sangria and threw in some oranges and apples - and it was very good. Only one glass for me, I don't want to get tipsy in front of mom and dad, but all together, it completed that summer feeling. I'm ready for some sun!

Only one downer: Boyfriend isn't here :(. He's in Monaco with three of his closest friends. They also went last year, for a week, but this year they are away for ten days. 7 days I can handle, but 10 ? I sound awfully cheesy, but I'll miss him (I already do).

There's a good side to every story, so with this one it's no different; I can focus on studying. And I'll start tomorrow, I think. I've been delaying it for a few days now, telling myself I deserved it. But I don't want to tell myself the same when I don't pass, because I will have deserved it to then. So tomorrow it's time to get nerdy!

And with my last sip of white wine, I wish all of you who study a big amount of courage. And to those of you who don't, enjoy the arrival of summer!

Lots of love,
Tascha ♥

22 april 2012

School and work.

Hey !

Friday I had a class in laying the foundations of a good speech. It was quite harsh to find out that I need to work a lot on this. When you go into a debat afterwards, you have to defend your statement with proven facts, with quotations of reliable sources and most of all, with grace. I have to do this in a couple of weeks and let's say I don't really feel like it. That's a big understatement, but we don't want this blog to be full of negative sh*t.

After that class, I had a meeting with my group members to set the final deadlines. I stepped up, because we were getting nowhere. I promised them I would buy them drinks after this is all over, if we follow all of our deadlines. I put myself to expenses, but it will be worth it! (She said, hoping she was right..). So I'm hoping that if they read this that they will do it and that they - please - order a mineral water.

Today, Honey made some money. I work at a Veritas store on the Meir. By now, you, loyal reader that you are, know that the Meir is the best known shopping street in Antwerp. My day lasted forever! The weather was awful. Showers and clearances were playing tag, so besides from wet people looking for an umbrella, there weren't many customers. Who could blame them, I would have stayed at home as well if I could. But when there aren't many people, you get bored. Bored as in: 'Oh look, 2 minutes have passed since I last looked at the clock!' So right now, all thights are perfectly fold and put in there packages, all scarfs are hung on their hanger according to the rules and every piece of jewelry is in place just like an army legion.
But sometimes it's a respite next to those I-smell-like-garbage-and-I-want-you-to-find-me-something-impossible-customers. People can be so awful! It's always funny to compare my stories with those of my mum. She works in a Veritas store too, so we totally get eachother. We keep our happy faces on at work, but at home we show our true colours. My mother tells me about a woman who wanted to know if the zipper she chose would match the colour of her dress that was in the car and I tell her about that one customer that bought 13 scarfs that were exactly the same besides from the colour, simply to annoy her husband, what brought her to a final sum of 200 euros.

And after a nice family dinner, I'm in bed. Hating the fact that I have to get up early tomorrow. In the words of Lil Wayne: "Life's a bitch, but I appreciate her".

Sleep tight!
Lots of love,Tascha ♥

19 april 2012

Busy times

As my studies at college continue, my spare time is shrinking. I have a lot of deadlines for several classes. By the end of May, all of my projects have to be finished and it has given me a lot of stress. Something I never knew. My motto used to be: "it will all fall into place at the end". Lately, I'm not so certain anymore.

I started exaggerating in relaxing and I got boring. Not bored, actually boring. I may as well start knitting socks and I would be more interesting. Maybe I'm being dramatic, but I've got to give myself a little wake-up call. With a little more time management and less self-pity, I could still do fun things.

Posting this is my first step. I take a vow here and now, with my extended number of loyal fans as my witness (no, my sarcasm didn't die in the progress). I promise myself to spend my time usefully. No more watching tv as a zombie for hours, way more attention for the things I love. Music, writing, fashion: it all gets a spot in my schedule.

Why? Because this girl isn't going down as an empty-minded, lazy girl. It's not only about getting my degree, I want to be a young woman with a promising future, a vibrant social life and a wide range of interests. Because this is the person people love and most importantly, that I love.

So with this being written, I am going to kick things off with a good night sleep!
Lots of love, Tascha ♥

One more promise: next time, I will post something less heavy :)