12 november 2012

Designing my bedroom.

After 20 years of sharing a room with my sister, I have my own room. My sister moved out and somehow, more clutter moved in. I filled her closet space with my things, which made me wonder how I ever lived with less space. Aside from that, everything stayed the same. My clothes are in the same closet, the desk never changed and worst of all, I still sleep in the bunkbeds. Now that's all about to change!

The last few months, me and Boyfriend have been obsessively planning the renovation of my bedroom. Since my parents told us we could change it in a few months, we discussed flooring, a new ceiling and the design of my furniture. Although I'm no topdesigner, I'm designing my own bed and closets. Boyfriend is going to build them for me and I'm going to have an amazing room.

In March, I'm spending two weeks in Turkey for a school project - I'll tell you more later, so excited! While I'm gone, Boyfriend will be building the room. So when I come back, their will be an entire new room waiting for me! This is so perfect for me, because I don't have to sleep in a room with a lungkilling paint smell, I don't have to stress and I don't have to move my lazy ass. One point of attention; I have to draw each piece of furniture into detail to make sure that Boyfriend knows what to build. Difficult to find time, but I'm supposed to do something for my new room.

I'm full of great ideas, but I have to make sure that everything fits together and most of all, that it fits into my 4-by-3-meter bedroom. I could show you a 'before' picture but I'm to ashamed. Plus, all the clutter doesn't fit the frame. So I'll keep you posted  about some of my ideas and I'll show you the before when it's been replaced by an 'after'.

Type to you soon!

Lots of love, Tascha ♥

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