3 december 2012

Three weeks left.


It's been three weeks and this trimester is coming to an end. I don't know how to feel, happy or full of panic. On the one hand, I only have three weeks of stress left. But on the other hand, I only have three weeks to finish my assignments! I plan to dive into this last weeks and just go for it.

I will be so happy when the 21st of December arrives. No, I don't look forward to 'the last day of the earth as we know it'. I don't believe in that gibberish. I'm sorry if I'm being rude to any of you believers, but it's not because the Maya didn't count further than the 21st of December that we're doomed. It just means that those people lived a very long time ago and that they were tired of counting ahead for thousands of years. So as I was saying, I will be happy when that day comes.

Because that Friday, I have my last presentation. Then, freedom is mine! And Antwerp will know.. Sounds a little like a tagline for a B-movie, but I actually do have a complete scenario for the night:

- 19h00: Diner with my high school friends
- 21h00: Christmas fair
- 22h00: Cocktails @ Appelmans
- 00h00: Glamrush @ Roxy

I wasn’t kidding now, was I? I’m especially looking forward to the jenever stands at the Christmas fair. Every year around Christmas, Antwerp turns into this cosy city, with cheesy Christmas songs, ‘gl├╝hwein’ and jenever. I become a little child, wandering between the stands and sniffing up that great smell of holiday happiness.

After that, I’m going to leave for more mature events: cocktails and a good club.
And getting back home? As I said to my good friend Julie: The ambulance will take care of that. Just kidding, my best friend Moriah is there for me. She always was, but now she has a drivers license. And oh so conveniently, she never drinks, so no worries about drinking and driving!

Now I’m going to tackle the vocabulary for my English test and I will be looking forward to the 21st for three more weeks. I wish you all a big chunk of courage for those final weeks!

Lots of love, Tascha ♥