21 september 2009

my weekend.

Friday, I went to fabulicious with Laura, Glenn & Celine. A lot of things happened there. First there was this amazing dancebattle in the middle of the crowd. After Celine left, when we were heading for the exit, we saw a group fighting, and then there was this waisted girl that kept clinging on to her boyfriend. The cops interfered and they almost blamed the boy! While we were looking for Laura's mum, a girl fell on the tramrails. Before she could get up, she got a phonecall and she picked up without any worries.. Luckily, someone saw that there was a tram on his way, so they helped the girl up and stayed with here. After that we continued our search for Laura's mother. We finally found here and I got home save. I was so glad that I didn't have to wait for the bus at de Rooseveltplaats!
Saturday, I went to school to paint our classroom. I arrived late because I slept to long. Typical. After painting 2 walls and our names on the other walls, Stijn and I went to the bakery. When we finished our meal, we all got an appel, homegrown by Mister Raes. When Melissa asked what those tiny dots where, Raes answered; well, that's a kind of fungus..We appreciated his honesty and we where just a little bit worried of eating the apple.
Sunday my niece came to see my grandmother, and we took 'a walk' which means that whe took a walk to smoke a sigaret. It's amazing how her parents don't seem to discover our lie. I sincerely hope they don't read my blog.. Today I didn't go to school, because I couldn't sleep all night. I had stomach aches all night long! My mum was pretty angry, I guess she didn't believe me.. I can't blame her really, it can seem a little suspicious that I get sick right before I have to get back to school. But hey, i'm not a liar. Most of the time..

Lots of Love
Tascha ♥

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