10 oktober 2013

B-B-Barcelona !


A couple of years ago, I started this blog. It came really easy for me to tell the worldwide web about the things I did and what I was thinking. Somewhere along the road, it started getting harder. When my Fast life became the oh-shit-hold-on life, I barely had time to write. When I did, I started thinking everything through: my subjects, every line I wrote, .. So here I go; no thinking, all writing.

Sunday morning, me and Boyfriend are leaving for Barcelona. In the three years that we've been together, we never had the time or the money to go on a trip together. You can understand that this vacation is making me feel super excited and super nervous at the same time. Boyfriend and I always had our own things to do and friends to see, which we're very proud of. This means that spending three evenings in a row together only happened a few times. I'm super excited, because Boyfriend is going to be all mine and I know it's going to be wonderful. But I have this little fear in me of having a fight because we're not used to spending all that time together, and that wouldn't be a good sign, would it? And it's not just me, Boyfriend has it too. But then there's that confidence again that we'll make it through and have a nice trip after all. And I interpret Boyfriends worries as a sign that he cares about our relationship.

Tomorrow is my last day at the office before I leave and I have to say: whew. I L.O.V.E my job, but one full year without time off is exhausting. That press release will be finished, my press room will look impeccable and all questions of customers will be answered, that at the end of the day I will be able to say:

'See you later, bitches!'

Lots of love, Tascha ♥

source: www.someecards.com

13 juli 2013

Making it happen: Fast life post graduation


Oh yes, I did it. I graduated. I don't have the best grades of the entire class, but hey, did anyone expect that? I do have one thing that the other students of my class don't have: a job. Not a summer job or a weekend job, but the real deal. A real job with real office hours and real tasks and most of all: a real paycheck. Every month. That's right, every other 30 days.

The lovely company that I'm lucky to work for is BESTSELLER. Among fashionlovers, it's probably known best as the company behind VERO MODA, ONLY, JACK & JONES, and so on. Among Taschalovers, it's known best as the company that she can't shut up about.
I am proud to be the PR Assistant of BESTSELLER and the Sales Support for SELECTED Homme/Femme. I love being a PR Assistant, because that's what I studied and because that's what I love. My boss, the PR coordinator, is awesome. He has the same (dry) humour, he shares my passion for Antwerp and he teaches me a lot. I love being a Sales Support, because it helps me understand more about how fashion works and because it's for a beautiful brand. For those of you who don't know SELECTED Homme/Femme, it's the more exclusive and more luxurious brand in the BESTSELLER family.

And let that be the perfect word to describe this Danish, succesful company: family. It was founded in 1975 by Merete Bech Povlsen and Troels Holch Povlsen. After several expansions over the years, it is still a family-owned company and now their son, Anders Holch Povlsen is the CEO. The company culture is very different from other companies. The staff gets a lot of advantages, like cheap (disgustingly cheap) samples, tons of food during lunch, and there is an amazing atmosphere among all colleagues. BESTSELLER is no corporate nightmare, it's no businesslike, stock market listed corporation, but it's a fun, fashionable company.

So right now it's all kicking off. All that talk like: 'I'm going to make it big in fashion PR' has turned into 'I'm making it happen right now'. I'm definitely not there yet and I still fantasize about my future, but I'm taking my first steps into the professional world and it's now that it's all getting started. I'm absorbing every tiny piece of advice, I listen in on my colleagues conversations just to learn a little bit more and I'm memorizing everything carefully. Because I want to make it big and I'm making it happen. Right now.

Lots of love, Tascha ♥

9 februari 2013

A. City Life


Today, I went to a fair called 'A. City Life'. The concept was to show the latest trends in food, fashion and interior design with a pinch of 'joie de vivre' on top. I went with Julie and her lovely mother Anita, who had invitations to the event. Yes that's right, I'm not that fancy that I get my own invitations. Freeloading works to, I guess.

I went to fairs at Antwerp Expo before, but this one was different from the very beginning. The hall was filled with water containers, illuminated in different bright colours. As we entered the first exhibition hall, we got a first look at the various stands. From a stand with wooden dinner tables to a stand with a demonstration of the latest pineapple slicer, it was all there. They weren't theatrically fancy, but yet the fair sent out a fashionable and cosy vibe. With their invitations, Julie and Anita picked up two glasses of bubbles, and I was back on my freeloading game.

Some highlights of 'A. City Life':

The Vascobelo Barista Bar & other stands for tasting fine foods and drinks;

One of the first stands that caught my intention was the Vascobelo Barista Bar. The stand of this wonderful Belgian coffee blend offered espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte, and more. As a caffeine lover, this stand called for me. Actually shouted. Unfortunately, my companions weren't as excited as me and there was not one seat left in the whole bar. But if you are planning to going to this fair and you love coffee, make sure you stop by!

Styling advice by Emma;

If you live in Belgium and you love fashion, you probably know Emma Gelaude. If you don't know her, I knew this blog would do good one day. Emma is a former model, she lives in Ghent and she kept a fashion blog for a few years now.

With her styling company 'EMMA', she had a stand at 'A. City Life'. You could choose a bag with a quote on it and get your picture taken. This picture is part of a competition to win a styling day for two. So if you are in town, go and take your shot! Aside from this competition, everyone at the fair was able to get a styling by Emma, for a discount price.

Little pieces of art;

Put fashion, lifestyle and interior design together at a fair and what do you get? Stands with pieces of art. I'm not a fan of art at all times, but I can appreciate it once in a while. At A. City Life, there were multiple pieces that caught my eye. However, the pieces that I loved most weren't artisctic, but fun. The shoes on these little paintings are funny and can bring that one special detail to brighten up a room.

Now I'm home, looking for something fun to do. And it's possible that I will keep looking until it's an acceptable time to go to sleep. My parents aren't even home, and I'm sitting here. Is it me or is that a little fucked up? I hope you're Saturday evening is looking brighter. I'll do something that makes you jealous next week.

Enjoy your fast life!
Lots of love, Tascha ♥