29 november 2010

Lanvin, what were you thinking? Or using?

Tuesday started as an ordinary school day, but then Astrid suggested to grab a cup of coffee in 'Cafénation', a wonderful coffee bar with all kinds of crazy sorts of chocolate milk. I took a cappuccino, a graceful classic, and Astrid took a cup of hot milk with sixteen Maltesers, an outgoing newcomer. It took us a while to get a seat in the bar but once we let our bottoms rest on a cushion, we were delighted.
After that, we went to Men at work to get some black pumps for me to work in. I already had one pair, i'm a girl duh, but they weren't suitable for the job. So I got me a pair of I-don't-ever-wan't-to-take-these-of-pumps and walked out with the biggest smile. Astrid had to wait for her bus so we decided to take a look in H&M. We wanted to check out the collection of the great and famous Lanvin. I'll tell you what followed; one of the biggest shocks of my life. Right next to finding out Santa isn't real. Oops, maybe this is a delicate topic this time of a year. I'm sorry five year old, you had to find out sooner or later.. But back to Lanvin, we just walked through the racks of clothing and we couldn't do anything but laugh. It was absurd! Coral red tutu's, dresses with numberous flower prints, we just stared at each other and through telepathy we said 'OMG'. We laughed all the way to Roosevelt place and took a bus home. And on the bus we kept laughing, it's something we can't not do.

So you see, ordinary days can end in hilarious moments. So open up to opportunities and live your day to the fullest!

Lots of love,Tascha ♥

“The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us.” - Ashley Montagu, anthropologist & humanist.

19 november 2010

city life

My morning wasn't like most mornings; I was in a good mood. I woke up a little to early, made my assignment for communication, had a relaxed breakfast and took a long shower. This day couldn't go wrong.
Once I got at school I got a little moodier. I had an appointment with my teacher to go through my assignment and she wasn't there. I sent her an e-mail at one of the computers in our fancy library and she replied it was my fault. No new appointment, no answer about my task I sent together with the e-mail.
But I got over it after some shopping. The bureau I'm registered in to do some promo work asked me for a job on Saturday and I needed some black dressy pants for it. So mommy gave me her credit card - I wish it could be that easy everytime - and I went to the Meir. For all you foreigners(people who live outside Antwerp count to): this is the main shopping street of Antwerp. Now, you must know that finding pants for a girl that's 1m78 tall is like discovering money on the street. It rarely happens and you have to be very lucky.
Well, today I was lucky for once. I tried on one pair in Zara: to tight and to short - go figure. I set foot in Mango and I got a hold on two pairs. The first one had a waist so high it almost tickled my arm pits, but the second pair was perfect. Halleluja, second store and third pair, and I found a pair of beautiful, cheap, fitting pants!
Walking down the Meir, shopping bag in one hand, cappucino in the other, I was enjoying my city life. But then, the Terror Of Every Big City came flying over: PIGEONS. They terrify me with their flapping wings and their ability to poop while flying. To me, a pigeon soaring in the sky is like a bomber hanging above the city. There is one way in which I love pigeons; soup.
When I was back at school, I got a call from the bureau: I didn't have to work on Saturday anymore. Ok, thanks for the pants mom..

But in the end it was a good day, I got a lot of school work done and I did some shopping. No complaints necessary. So with this joyful thought, I'm closing my eyes and I hope to maybe wake up to an even better day tomorrow.

Type to you soon,
Lots of love,Tascha ♥

14 november 2010

amazing weekends.

My last two weekends were amazing! The fifth of november, Friday, I went to the city with my three best friends. We had a drink in De Muze and after Emma and Margaux left, me and Moriah got into a photo booth and took some pictures. It's hilarious to crawl into that tiny box with the curtain, make the most crazy faces and get your photo instantly. The results are always so funny! After that, I went home to get some sleep and around six in the morning my boyfriend joined me, after going out with his friends.
I love being able to do my own thing and cuddling my boyfriend afterwards. It's not because you are in a relationship that you have to do everything together, right? Older people don't always quite get that, it's weird. It's not like we're married, and even if we were, you've got the right to do your own thing.
Saturday, we went to a party of the soccer team of a friend and later on, we continued the party in Local. At least, that was our intention. Once we got there, I took one sip of a mojito and my blood pressure just collapsed. We took a cab home - waaaay to early - at 4 am.
Monday and Tuesday, school happened. Wednesday was the birthday party of a friend from school. Me and Astrid took crazy pictures, giving our best looks with all the attitude in the world. Just for fun ofcourse, I'm a shy girl.. I spent the night at Astrids and we slept long and sound. We also took some pictures with Astrids webcam and a funny application on facebook, called lolcam

Thursday evening I had a dispute with my best friend and it kept running through my mind all night, even while I was having fun at Local with my boyfriend and some friends. The day after that we all met at the appartment of Kenny, my best friends boyfriend. It was a fun evening, we all watched Kick-ass, a humorous film about a nerd that wants to become a superhero. I worked things out with Moriah and I spent the night there because we had an early meeting the next morning.
Emma and Margaux waited for us in "'t Suut Bekske" at 11 am. It was delicious and we laughed so much. Emma even had tears rolling down her cheeks at one moment! Later on, we watched 'Bring it On' and at night, me and Moriah built a party at Local with our boyfriends and friends. Sunday was a lazy day, as it's supposed to be.

Now I have to get back to whole school weeks involving a lot of work and getting up early. But maybe it isn't such a bad thing to get back to a normal rhythm, I'm having stomach-aches. Chi-ching for the doctor, bad for my school work.

Type to you soon!

Lots of love,Tascha ♥

4 november 2010


I know, it's been a while. I didn't have any inspiration about what to write and the truth is I still don't. But I thought, I'll just type whatever I'm thinking, it's better than abandoning my blog. So, please, don't get disturbed if this little text doesn't have any regularity..

A few days ago, I was flipping through the pages of my diary and I read something I wrote the third of August. I was describing my difficulties concerning love, actually my inability to let myself fall in love, and I described the perfect man who could maybe change this. I wrote; 'Think: sensitive but not corny, secure but no ego tripper, bad boy but no convict boy, 1 meter 90.' I managed to describe my boyfriend before I even fell in love with him. I already knew him in August, but I still thought that me having a serious relationship was going to take a lot more time. I guess that's what they call your subconsciousness.

About that boyfriend, we're still very happy. We have our differences but that's the amazing part; when we're irritated, we talk to each other and maybe have a little fight about it, but in the end it only makes us stronger as a couple. Communication, communication..

That brings me to school. I'm studying communication and I love it! There are the things I love because I'm a college student now, such as the possibility to skip classes (I try to go to every class but it's so tempting), the hours and most of all the freedom. If you've been to a Jesuit high school, you know what I'm talking about. Besides the preceding things, I also love the courses. I realise that I've chosen the right study all the time. Let's hope I rock the exams!

And now a more bimbo topic: I want to go shopping! I went to the city with my best friend today - it had been a long time- and I rediscovered heaven in the appearance of the shopping street. I wanted to buy coats, boots, tops, vests, fragrances, bras, etc. It's been ages since I went shopping so I've been nagging to my mother since I got home. I hope it's been effective. For me ofcourse, not so much for her wallet.

Talking about wallets, I'm so broke! I spend all my money for this month in 10 days. Luckily I got some extra money from my mother so I could go to Kokorico, a club I had never been before. It was amazing! I was in a state of absolute glory; watching over the club, enjoying the music, glancing at my boyfriend and having fun with my friends. I just couldn't wipe that stupid smile of my face. And when I got home and saw the gift he left on my bed it got even worse. He gave me a bottle of perfume, the sneaky sweetheart!
As a matter of fact, I had a lot of those extreme happy moments over the last few weeks. I'm just so fortunated!!

I'm going to join my mother in the living room now, to make her happy to.

I hope you all are as happy as me,
Lots of love,Tascha ♥

Baby, baby keep me happy.
Happy - Rolling Stones

17 september 2010

the power of a kiss.

Today I started thinking about the impact that a kiss can have on someone.

When you search the internet for this topic, you find the most detailed instructions for kissing. When did it ever became rocket science? It's an expression of feelings, not a surgical action. Perhaps I just came across a site for 11 year old pubers who have only hugged their mom before, but if that's the case, what a way to stress them out!
So if you are a 11 year old boy, my advice to you; just go for it, the whole world does it, so why wouldn't you be able to do it!
But aside from the manuals, what does a kiss do to you? It can make you forget about everything and cause the believe that you are the only two people on this planet. It can make you forget you were actually arguing, it has the power to calm your sadness, it takes you to the stars and beyond. Maybe I'm overthinking this, but don't tell me that there is one person that doesn't feel a thing when your synchronous breaths are getting faster and faster, heating up to complete passion..
A kiss seals relationships or leads to one night stands, anyway, it's a universal expression of intimacy, beyond sexual preferences.

I don't know what it is - probably hormones - but do I really want to know?
I mean, I love knowing everything about the body but dissecting feelings as a result of a physical action is where I'm going to draw the line. I suggest we all just enjoy it and consider it as that little part of the day where we don't have to overthink everything.

So get away from your computer, throw on something nice, spray some sexy sent all over you and get yourself a good french kiss!

Lots of love,Tascha ♥

I am lost forever in your kiss
So take me if you want me
Love me if you will
Lost forever in your kiss - Dolly Parton

14 september 2010


Things have changed. Actually, I changed; I fell in love. Not the being nervous because that boy is interested in me and I would love some affection. No, i'm experiencing the whole butterflies-in-the-stomach-and-damn-he-really-is-perfect-for-me-thing. Normally I wouldn't even post this online because I would be to afraid to get hurt and humiliated, but I trust him and I believe there's a reason why we're together.
I know this part didn't sound like me, but I haven't changed that much. Now, I believe that a relationship can stay fun after seeing eachother every day, but I'm still not that cheesy girl who needs to hear that her boyfriend loves her all the time. And I still am the person I was. Never did, never will change myself for a boy. Love me or hate me, as Lady Sovereign would say.

The great part brings me to the sucky part; I'm starting school again next monday. No more time to be with him every day, less time to hang out with my friends. Although I'm excited about my studies, it's back to reality. And saying that last part made me realise that in two days, we're having an anniversary. As I recall, my first message on this blog was called 'back to reality'. Happy birthday to fast life.! It's been so amazing to ventilate boredom, anger, sadness, melancholy, all kinds of emotions to this blog and not caring who reads it. I certainly realise that I have only one loyal reader and he's my boyfriend, but I don't really care.
It feels good to type the shit out of me.

So i'll keep writing this blog a little bit longer and -hopefully- more frequently.

PS; My opinion at love isn't the only thing that has changed; I cut my hair and I'm still not used to it ;D. It's darker and I have a pony now, so nervous for everyone's reaction!

Type to you soon!

Lots of love,Tascha ♥

They tell me girl it's not like you to fall this way
I try my best to wear a disguise
But it's written on my face
Crazy little thing called love - Rihanna

21 augustus 2010


a few pictures of my past week.
I need to collect the rest, but people don't always listen when you tell them to send pictures :).

Quayside with Aster & Evelyne <3

Pool Planet.

Planning our week :)

De Muse

Lots of love,Tascha ♥

Alter ego.

We all have images in our head of the person we would like to be.
And those who just thought: No, what the fuck is she saying: get real.
Everybody would love to escape into this character you made up for just one night.

The person I would like to be.. I put a lot of thought into that and I still don't have the ideal person figured out. But for this age and what I'm feeling like at this stage in my life, I got a pretty good image.
Girls, wouldn't you love to be the girl that can make every guy kiss her feet? In one bat of your eyelashes, one lick over your lips or just a little blink, you get what you want. The man that refuses everyone at the door of that hot new nightclub opens the door for you and even offers you a free drink. That cute guy at the other side of the club notices you and wishes he could dance with you all night - which isn't possible ofcourse, damn, there five more waiting. That boy you've got a huge crush on is grateful that you even notice him, but then you realise; can he really please me? Yeah, living the life of a femme fatale for one day, or even better, one week sounds amazing to me.
But somehow, I couldn't imagine myself being one. To shy, to ashamed, to selfinsecure, don't know what it is but I don't see myself living that life.
I'm not a fan of romance and I detest the idea of having a long relationship and depending on eachother, but seducing every guy you meet sounds kinda slutty.. Or maybe it's the side of me that wishes that some day someone liberates me from my fear of falling in love.

So before you get the wrong idea of me; I'm not trying to be that woman, 'cause I haven't got half of the selfconfidence that a girl needs for that.
Just wanted you all to think about the character you would chose for just one day or night. And maybe, if you have the guts, go out and be that person for a while..
Lots of love,Tascha ♥

Nobody's perfect but that doesn't mean we shouldn't aim at being it. - just popped into my head.

12 augustus 2010

I've got to step it up.

What a day !
I went from being totally stressed out at the office to laughing my ass off in the city. At the office, I couldn't remember anything of all the things I learned, my mind just stopped. And when I had nothing to do, that someone who used to entertain me still didn't text me, so I got bored. When it was five o' clock, we went home, had dinner at my grandma's and I rushed home. I was going to the movies with Laura, Naomi and Stephanie to see Step Up 3D. Lore and Sanita watched the movie later on that evening 'cause they couldn't make it on time. It was 3D so we we're all making fun of our glasses. They looked a little bit like Ray Bans and the manufacturer thought it was necessary to mention on the wrapping that you couldn't use them as sunglasses. I mean, go figure how stupid some people are if it's even required to say that..
When the movie started Naomi screeched because she never saw a movie in 3D before. Actually, she screeches all the time :). And from there on, we were in for 1.5 hour of astonishment.
Reasons why you must see Step Up 3D.
The Choreography; All the dance scenes make you stare at the screen with an open mouth even more than the 2 movies before.
Rick Malambri; is just to hot in a costume.
Cute kids; I'm not one of those 'oow look a child, chubichubi' types but the kids in the end are just to amazing in there little bboy outfits. Keep an eye on the little boy with the orange cap and the sunglasses.
And I can go on and on like that but hey; just watch it!

After the film whe went to Pool Planet and had an amazing time. We giggled all constantly and although everyone was looking at us we just couldn't stop! One guy at a playing-machine-thingy watched us all the time in this creepy way and I was all freaked out.

Now I'm at home, ready to go to bed. Tomorrow at 5 o' clock the weekend is finally there! So enjoy yours, I know I will enjoy mine excessively!

Lots of love,Tascha ♥

10 augustus 2010

I'm a working gurl now.

FINALLY, I'm making money! I work at my sister's office at the port of Antwerp. It's damn complicated sometimes.. Why can't I get a job at a nice clothing store and take advantage of the employee discount? Maybe because I wouldn't feel challenged, I do enjoy learning more about this job, but it's definitely tiring.

Yesterday I arrived home, had dinner and went downstairs to smoke. As I sat there, exhausted (don't ask me how that happened), I sank in my chair and looked up. I was staring at the sky when my eyes suddenly spotted two butterflies fluttering around each other and I couldn't help but think about love - yeah I know, I'm usually anti corny. And as soon as that metaphore was made, the couple seperated and went there own ways. So I thought: 'duh, that's love, it hurts'. But then one started chasing the other and they fluttered around each other again. I couldn't help but wonder, if we are like those butterflies and love is like their flight then what's the thing about love that makes us love, leave eachother and chase the other one like fools? It's something you figure out later on in life, but it clashes with my scientific way of looking at things. I know love is an indescribable feeling, but what makes us chase somebody who hurts us? There's no logic there. And they went on and on like that until they finally flew out of sight - together.
After that I went to bed and I slept until 6am, one hour before my wake up call.

Today was my second day at the office - sounds a little bit thrilling, doesn't it? - and I already got offered to visit the quayside this week and I have to attend to Strandwerpen with some clients. Maybe some glamour after all?
Regardless the amount of work or the type of work this week, I keep looking forward to the weekend. Maybe it's because I ended last weekend so heavenly; we ended up at Glenn's instead of the city but I enjoyed it so much.

Thursday evening I already have a break from my working week; I'm watching Step Up 3D with Sanita and Lore. Friday perhaps a party and Saturday is a problem. Me and my best friend - Moriah - arranged to get together with our two other good friends but there's also a homeparty at Kenny's Ö. Heeeelp!
But to say it in office terms when it's time to go home; the problem will still be there in the morning. So I'm going to wash my face, brush my teeth and wrap myself in my bedspread. Ooh life's good at night!

Lots of love,Tascha ♥

'The most beautiful trip of them all is without a doubt the one where love takes you.' - ripped it out of some old magazine.

8 augustus 2010



I know it's been ages and I got a lot of excuses, but I don't know if anyone really cares :).Since the last time I wrote, things have changed. To give you a recap; I graduated, had a boyfriend, went to lloret de mar, lost the boyfriend and currently I'm enjoying myself during the longest vacation I'll ever have.

My exams were so stressy! Math and physics caused me most of that stress but in the end I passed. When the tests were over we were al so happy, we had to party! So our classgroup joined at the Groenplaats and from there we went to Café d'Anvers. My best friend also tagged along and we all had an amazing time. We went home by bike and I had to sit at the back of Lore's bike, so to gain some energy we stopped at Macdo :).
Then I worked for a week and at the end I had my birthday barbeque. I had an amazing time but I also had to deal with the consequences of mixing wine, beer and jenever. Not so great..

The 20th of July, me and my best friend left for Lloret de Mar. The first day we didn't instantly make friends but the second day we met a group of friends, a couple of boys and a girl. We spend the remaining days with them and they are very dear to us now. Moriah broke up with her boyfriend the weekend before we left and she fell in love in Lloret, causing her to finally break the routine of breaking up and making up with her old boyfriend. I am so happy for her!
These people we met became good friends in a week, it's so incredible.
We have so much fun together and you can also have a serious talk with them, which is more than you can say about some boys my age..
Kenny is my new hero, I call him Crême fraicheke. Glenn is my teddybear, so I call him Baloo. Dave is the silent one at first, but once you get to know him, he's hilarious. Danny and Tais don't have secrets about there sexlife and they aren't scared to illustrate it in the middle of the dancefloor. Christophe is quickly aroused and he's fun to tease :). Cédric always has a nice story to tell, even in the middle of a club.
And Sam, who loved me for having a blog and who's going to read this the moment I tell him I wrote it, became one of my dearest friends for having fun, having profoundly conversations and he's fun to pinch and bite :).

The days after Lloret we went to Tongelreep and to Bobbejaanland, Sunday I went to Lore's for some drinks.
The past week was quiet but fun; Wednesday I went to Lore's again to barbeque, Friday I visited Carré for the first time and yesterday I passed Wommelgem first and there my sister picked me up to leave for Central.
Later on today I'm going to Bollekesfeest in the city.
So as you can tell, I'm single again, still living the fast life and I couldn't be more happy.
Don't let your love life determine your happiness. Being happy is an achievement you have to reach all by yourself!

Lots of love,Tascha ♥

"Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free till they find someone just as wild to run with them." - Sex and the City

3 juni 2010


Last night, me and the girls went to see sex and the city 2. It was a school night, so it's was great to break the routine. This angel had to lie to her mother, she tought I was with Junior, who was explaining something for my exams. Although me and Junior didn't really work on chemistry, there was some in the movie. We sat down, we had a look around and we realised there were like 5 guys. And I guess they weren't guy-guys if you know what I mean. After seriously considering starting a party in front of the screen, the movie started. I heard an enthousiastic scream coming from Naomi, the room became quiet and we were in for 2,5 hours of decadency, fashion and ofcourse sextalk. I did a test online and it told me I was most like Samantha; I couldn't be more proud during the movie :). She's hilarious, provocing the primness of the Arabic culture and fighting the consequences of her age. In one scene, she's screaming at the religious men 'I HAVE SEX' while waving her condoms, it's so funny!
The appearance of four Maybachs pleased my carloving eyes as well and ofcourse the sometimes over the top, but pretty clothes were amazing!

I loved the night out with the girls and it was a great way to start my exams in a few days. You won't be hearing from me for a while, unless I'm to stressed out..

Lots of love,Tascha ♥

1 juni 2010


Omg, today I was uploading pictures of our schooltrip to Italy on facebook and a sudden wave of nostalgia hit me. God, I miss it! The worst part is, it was our last schooltrip, from now on only studying and following classes..
Not that I'm not excited about university, but I'll miss that class spirit. It'll be a huge adjustment but it's going to be fun! And hard ofcourse, but I'll make it. I'm glad I already know one person who's going to join me at Plantijn, otherwise it would be so scary. I'm a social person, but a day full of people you don't know is a little awkward.

I'm going to dream about my future, I wish you all the best in yours!
Lots of love,Tascha ♥

24 maart 2010

looking forward to Italy!

Omg, i'm almost leaving for Italy! My suitcase is full, my interest in these last schooldays is empty. We're going for thirteen days and we're going to see a lot of Italy. Milan, Rome, Florence and so on and i'm expecting two weeks of unforgettable moments. When my classmates and I went to Paris, I had an amazing time and Italy is almost five times as long! We leave this saturday at five am, so I'll probably sleep on the bus, which hopefully won't lead to pictures with me sleeping with my mouth (slightly!) opened, as in Paris..
I had a little bit of a nervous breakdown earlier today, when I discovered that my new ID didn't arrive yet and thoughts such as 'I won't be allowed to leave the country' and 'then I'm going illegally, I need to go' crossed my mind, but I got a temporary ID. Thank God, if you believe in him/her/it. Whatever your religious believes are, this little angel is going to bed, her cloud is calling. Got to save some energy for the enormous amounts of walks in the next couple of days!
Lots of love,
Tascha ♥

20 januari 2010

i'm such a mess.


It's wednesday evening, no homework and nothing on tv. Actually I should be cleaning up my room 'cause it's such a mess! Not in the sense of not-everything-is-in-his-right-place, but in the sense of this-looks-like-world-war-three. My office chair is full of clothes, my desk is stacked with books, more clothes and lots of crap. My mum says I can't go out if my room isn't cleaned up, what would be a disaster. I'll do it, but it's just so damn boring! So to postphone it a little bit, I'm writing this blog and watching Paris Hilton; my new BFF, it just started. Thanks for the distraction Paris!
This show is hilarious, all of those girls want to be a, famous or b, Paris. How dumb are you if you're trying to find a person who knows you like no one else, who you can trust and who just makes you laugh through a television show? You should know that only people who want attention would sign in for such a show. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those Paris-haters, I respect her, but some things she does make me go 'okay girl, you already have a lot of attention, do something usefull with it'.
But I guess my messy room is waiting, so I'll get to it and I wish you something more interesting thing to do on a wednesday evening.

Lots of love,
Tascha ♥

13 januari 2010

2010 is here, and it's not without stress.

So, 2010 has started. Did you change anything? I'm not really that girl that sets goals for herself at the start of a new year and then actually makes them happen. I'm more the type to take things day by day. I don't want to be perfect, I just have a few simple values in life that make me the person that I am. See the good in everyone without being naive, spend your time to things you want to do or lead you somewhere you wonna be and most of all, rely on your selve, be independant, make your own happiness happen. You can't go wrong there, right? (If you think I'm having disillusions; reactions are welcome) Despite all that,I have two new years resolutions; I'm gonna smoke less and I'm going to lose weight. Wish me luck!
It's January 13th, which means that next week, it's Chrysostomos. Who knew celebrating your last 100 days of school could be so stressfull.. I have to make sure that everyone learns their choreography on time, that Jr. knows when he has to put on which light, that I get my own choreography figured out and that everyone stays happy.
In general it's a fun thing to do and I would do it again without any doubt, but it's really stressfull sometimes. And when all of that is done -friday of next week- I have to get started with our yearbook. I came up with the idea to start with it and I got the responsibility, together with my Chrysostomos-colleague Ellis. It's the first year we have one, so we have to figure everything out. That won't go without obstacles.. But the most important thing is that I'm enjoying myself and that with my schoolwork, things are picking up.
So to keep things that way, I'm going to finish my assignment for Italy, Ghirlandaio and Gozzoli are waiting! Don't you just love the early Renaissance? -I almost believe it myself-

Lots of love,
Tascha ♥