14 december 2009

bye studying; hi party ^^

Tomorrow my last exam, she said as she let out a deep sigh. I'm so relieved! Not that I'm that person who has nothing but stress in that period, au contraire, but it's just such antisocial period!
No hanging out, no parties, just sitting at home studying. Well, I hope I did wel and all I can do while I'm waiting for the numbers, is chilling. Tomorrow, Tuesday, I have my last exam (geography) than Wednesday I'm going to make little cakes with Ilse for the cake-buffet at our school (that will be interesting), Thursday I'm going to the opening of a new club, Opium. It used to call Nanno, but that changed locations and now this drug is taking over the party boat. Free entrance, hot music & free champagne, what more can you ask for? So that will be a lot of fun and as for the rest of the week, Friday I don't have any plans yet, so any suggestions? Haha. ^^
Saturday I'm going to Petrol with the girls from school for Stephanie's birthday and before that we're going out for dinner. It's always so cosy, we talk about a lot of stuff and we're always laughing so much. Last time we ended up in this café, that later on we heard was a kind of shady place, called Boops (we could have guessed by the name) . We didn't notice anything, luckily, we just sat there and drank our (fruit)beer.
So that is my planning to celebrate the end of hard mental labour, let me know what your plans are! And don't forget; holidays are coming, holidays are coming, holidays are coming. Coca-cola ;d
I always have such a hard time finding suitable presents.. And we don't pick lots or something, no, we buy something for every member of the family. So daddy, mommy, grandma and my sister are expecting an amazing gift. My dad is easy, once year he accidently steps into my dogs, uhm you know, 'pond' and then he won't wear his houseslippers anymore, so I buy him new ones every year. My mom is a little more difficult, but I found something suitable this year. My grandma's, sister's and best friend's gift is yet a mystery. I'll find something!
And have you thought of how you will spend New Year's Eve? I did! I start thinking of it begin November because it just has to be an amazing party. This year I'll spend it, as last year, with my schoolfriends, dinner and party, but which party is still unknown.

New Year's intentions are for next time, haven't thought of that yet.

Lots of love,
Tascha ♥

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