13 november 2012

Letting go of great ideas

Today, I made some time to design my bookshelf. Google provided me with some images of extraordinary examples, I printed them out and put them up against my wall. Et voila, a miniature mood board!

I do not want a bookshelf with symmetric compartments, but I want it to be more like a puzzle. So while I was putting it all together, I lost track of time. All of a sudden, Boyfriend showed up and I hadn't even showered yet. I dragged him into my room and started babbling about my bookshelf and all the other closets. After he slowed me down and I turned my Chinese into understandable sentences, we continued discussing all of my options.

Conclusion of the day: I have to give up a lot of great ideas, simply because of a lack of space. It's painful to realize that some ideas are not realistic and that they are not suitable for your room. So now I still have a lot of work to do, but the final draft is coming closer.

The next step is drawing a plan of my room and drawing each piece of furniture that Boyfriend has to build, into detail. Then I have to make up a list of the materials and look up some prices. I look forward to the third step: shopping. Picking paint, a floor and a headboard will be the fun part. But even the drills, the screws and the sanding paper call for a shopping trip where I discover the entire hardware store. Because life's simply more fun when you show an interest in as many things as possible!

As you can see, designing a room sounds fun but is actually a lot of work. But it is the type of work that I don't mind doing!

Type to you soon,

Lots of love, Tascha ♥

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