19 april 2012

Busy times

As my studies at college continue, my spare time is shrinking. I have a lot of deadlines for several classes. By the end of May, all of my projects have to be finished and it has given me a lot of stress. Something I never knew. My motto used to be: "it will all fall into place at the end". Lately, I'm not so certain anymore.

I started exaggerating in relaxing and I got boring. Not bored, actually boring. I may as well start knitting socks and I would be more interesting. Maybe I'm being dramatic, but I've got to give myself a little wake-up call. With a little more time management and less self-pity, I could still do fun things.

Posting this is my first step. I take a vow here and now, with my extended number of loyal fans as my witness (no, my sarcasm didn't die in the progress). I promise myself to spend my time usefully. No more watching tv as a zombie for hours, way more attention for the things I love. Music, writing, fashion: it all gets a spot in my schedule.

Why? Because this girl isn't going down as an empty-minded, lazy girl. It's not only about getting my degree, I want to be a young woman with a promising future, a vibrant social life and a wide range of interests. Because this is the person people love and most importantly, that I love.

So with this being written, I am going to kick things off with a good night sleep!
Lots of love, Tascha ♥

One more promise: next time, I will post something less heavy :)

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