20 mei 2012

So relaxed


Last week, I handed in all of my tasks and all the stress is gone! Now I have to study for my exams, but I prefer studying on my own tempo over working on 10 tasks at the same time.

Today, me and my dad prepaired the garden for summer. I love this time of the year, when all the neighbours are getting ready for the sun. The lovely sound and smell of people mowing their lawns and the sight of that old lady around the corner, sweeping the last leafs, I just love it!

We also ate in the garden for the first time this year. It's an effort, carrying all the plates and pots downstairs, but it's worth it. My dad made sangria - I mean he bought sangria and threw in some oranges and apples - and it was very good. Only one glass for me, I don't want to get tipsy in front of mom and dad, but all together, it completed that summer feeling. I'm ready for some sun!

Only one downer: Boyfriend isn't here :(. He's in Monaco with three of his closest friends. They also went last year, for a week, but this year they are away for ten days. 7 days I can handle, but 10 ? I sound awfully cheesy, but I'll miss him (I already do).

There's a good side to every story, so with this one it's no different; I can focus on studying. And I'll start tomorrow, I think. I've been delaying it for a few days now, telling myself I deserved it. But I don't want to tell myself the same when I don't pass, because I will have deserved it to then. So tomorrow it's time to get nerdy!

And with my last sip of white wine, I wish all of you who study a big amount of courage. And to those of you who don't, enjoy the arrival of summer!

Lots of love,
Tascha ♥

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