21 augustus 2010

Alter ego.

We all have images in our head of the person we would like to be.
And those who just thought: No, what the fuck is she saying: get real.
Everybody would love to escape into this character you made up for just one night.

The person I would like to be.. I put a lot of thought into that and I still don't have the ideal person figured out. But for this age and what I'm feeling like at this stage in my life, I got a pretty good image.
Girls, wouldn't you love to be the girl that can make every guy kiss her feet? In one bat of your eyelashes, one lick over your lips or just a little blink, you get what you want. The man that refuses everyone at the door of that hot new nightclub opens the door for you and even offers you a free drink. That cute guy at the other side of the club notices you and wishes he could dance with you all night - which isn't possible ofcourse, damn, there five more waiting. That boy you've got a huge crush on is grateful that you even notice him, but then you realise; can he really please me? Yeah, living the life of a femme fatale for one day, or even better, one week sounds amazing to me.
But somehow, I couldn't imagine myself being one. To shy, to ashamed, to selfinsecure, don't know what it is but I don't see myself living that life.
I'm not a fan of romance and I detest the idea of having a long relationship and depending on eachother, but seducing every guy you meet sounds kinda slutty.. Or maybe it's the side of me that wishes that some day someone liberates me from my fear of falling in love.

So before you get the wrong idea of me; I'm not trying to be that woman, 'cause I haven't got half of the selfconfidence that a girl needs for that.
Just wanted you all to think about the character you would chose for just one day or night. And maybe, if you have the guts, go out and be that person for a while..
Lots of love,Tascha ♥

Nobody's perfect but that doesn't mean we shouldn't aim at being it. - just popped into my head.

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