10 augustus 2010

I'm a working gurl now.

FINALLY, I'm making money! I work at my sister's office at the port of Antwerp. It's damn complicated sometimes.. Why can't I get a job at a nice clothing store and take advantage of the employee discount? Maybe because I wouldn't feel challenged, I do enjoy learning more about this job, but it's definitely tiring.

Yesterday I arrived home, had dinner and went downstairs to smoke. As I sat there, exhausted (don't ask me how that happened), I sank in my chair and looked up. I was staring at the sky when my eyes suddenly spotted two butterflies fluttering around each other and I couldn't help but think about love - yeah I know, I'm usually anti corny. And as soon as that metaphore was made, the couple seperated and went there own ways. So I thought: 'duh, that's love, it hurts'. But then one started chasing the other and they fluttered around each other again. I couldn't help but wonder, if we are like those butterflies and love is like their flight then what's the thing about love that makes us love, leave eachother and chase the other one like fools? It's something you figure out later on in life, but it clashes with my scientific way of looking at things. I know love is an indescribable feeling, but what makes us chase somebody who hurts us? There's no logic there. And they went on and on like that until they finally flew out of sight - together.
After that I went to bed and I slept until 6am, one hour before my wake up call.

Today was my second day at the office - sounds a little bit thrilling, doesn't it? - and I already got offered to visit the quayside this week and I have to attend to Strandwerpen with some clients. Maybe some glamour after all?
Regardless the amount of work or the type of work this week, I keep looking forward to the weekend. Maybe it's because I ended last weekend so heavenly; we ended up at Glenn's instead of the city but I enjoyed it so much.

Thursday evening I already have a break from my working week; I'm watching Step Up 3D with Sanita and Lore. Friday perhaps a party and Saturday is a problem. Me and my best friend - Moriah - arranged to get together with our two other good friends but there's also a homeparty at Kenny's Ö. Heeeelp!
But to say it in office terms when it's time to go home; the problem will still be there in the morning. So I'm going to wash my face, brush my teeth and wrap myself in my bedspread. Ooh life's good at night!

Lots of love,Tascha ♥

'The most beautiful trip of them all is without a doubt the one where love takes you.' - ripped it out of some old magazine.

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